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All of your dental issues can be safely treated while you are under conscious sedation. Dr. Weyman dispenses medicine that leaves you relaxed and sleepy. You do not fall asleep; nor are you under general anesthetic. You will be able to understand and respond to requests from Dr. Weyman and his staff.

IV sedation differs from oral sedation (taking a pill) because the Doctor has much more control over the amount of medication given. IV sedation allows the Doctor to more accurately control your level of sedation, achieving deeper levels of sedation much more safely. Different agents can be added depending upon your medical history, medications you may be taking, or any other special needs you may have.

With IV sedation you will be so relaxed that an hour of treatment will feel like a minute. You will have very little, if any, memory of the appointment. Dr. Weyman is able to do a significant amount of dental treatment in one or two visits that would ordinarily take multiple appointments.

IV sedation is preferable for people with high fears, extreme anxiety or other medical issues. We successfully treat patients on multiple medications or those who have had difficulty sedating or having teeth get numb in the past. We have also successfully treated some special needs patients as well.

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